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John Carlos on 1968 Olympics, Black Power salute & Colin Kaepernick

John Carlos has been labeled a lot of things throughout his life. An Olympian. A hero. A troublemaker. An athlete. A husband. A father. A villain.

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The 420 Games Are Trying to Destigmatize Cannabis Use

Jim McAlpine was a star athlete at Menlo-Atherton High School in Atherton, California. He was the starting forward on the soccer team and starting pitcher on the baseball team. Continue reading “The 420 Games Are Trying to Destigmatize Cannabis Use”

IRONMAN Pros Offer Their Advice for Aspiring Triathletes

As if running, swimming, and cycling a long distance wasn’t enough of a challenge, these three events are combined into a grueling test of physical and mental endurance known as the triathlon. Continue reading “IRONMAN Pros Offer Their Advice for Aspiring Triathletes”

Runstreet is Where Art and Athletics Collide

Marnie Kunz was told she was too quiet to be a cheerleader in middle school. She admits she was too uncoordinated for ball sports. Cross country piqued her interest, especially because there were no tryouts. So she signed up, laced up her sneakers, and began running. Continue reading “Runstreet is Where Art and Athletics Collide”

Psychological Benefits of Virtual Races

We all know someone who is an avid runner. They’re the friend or family member who sticks to a strict diet, training regimen, and schedule in preparation for their next race. He or she might not go out Friday night so they can wake up at 6 a.m. Saturday for a 10-mile run before the rest of the world rises from their hangovers and ventures off to brunch. Continue reading “Psychological Benefits of Virtual Races”