Why Egyptians Reign Supreme on the Squash Scene

Picture being 13 years old and learning the ins and outs of a sport like basketball. Now, imagine honing your craft against some of the country’s best: LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant. Continue reading “Why Egyptians Reign Supreme on the Squash Scene”


Squash’s Continued Struggle for Olympic Inclusion

Olivia Blatchford is ready to play hard to get. The American professional squash player is tired of the sport presenting itself and begging the International Olympic Committee to include it in the quadrennial Games. Continue reading “Squash’s Continued Struggle for Olympic Inclusion”

Formula E is Steering the World Toward a Better, Greener Future

Viewers of Formula E tune in for a litany of reasons—they’re avid fans of motorsports, they follow a favorite driver or they want to see what new technology is being showcased by iconic brands such as Renault, Audi, or Jaguar. What they might not know, at least initially, is that there’s a message behind it all. Continue reading “Formula E is Steering the World Toward a Better, Greener Future”

Grand Central Station Provides Unique Venue for Squash Tournament

Walking through Grand Central Station in New York City can elicit a variety of views, from people rushing toward their trains to tourists snapping selfies among the breathtaking Beaux-Arts architecture. Continue reading “Grand Central Station Provides Unique Venue for Squash Tournament”

IRONMAN Pros Offer Their Advice for Aspiring Triathletes

As if running, swimming, and cycling a long distance wasn’t enough of a challenge, these three events are combined into a grueling test of physical and mental endurance known as the triathlon. Continue reading “IRONMAN Pros Offer Their Advice for Aspiring Triathletes”

Is This the Future of Stadium Security?

We’ve all been there. Stuck in the midst of an endless horde of zombie-like people slowly shuffling toward security lines and entrances of a venue for a sporting event, concert, or show. Frustration mounts as kickoff or first pitch nears. The national anthem blares over the loudspeakers as you mindlessly inch closer and closer. You’re next in line. Phew, almost there. But the person in front of you forgot to empty his pockets. Beeep! Beeep! Beeeep! He has to go back through the metal detector after placing his keys, phone, and wallet into the small container. You mutter something under your breath at his incompetence. Finally, your turn. Continue reading “Is This the Future of Stadium Security?”

Runstreet is Where Art and Athletics Collide

Marnie Kunz was told she was too quiet to be a cheerleader in middle school. She admits she was too uncoordinated for ball sports. Cross country piqued her interest, especially because there were no tryouts. So she signed up, laced up her sneakers, and began running. Continue reading “Runstreet is Where Art and Athletics Collide”

Former Manchester City Photographer Launches Selfie Guide App

Sharon Latham was a constant figure on the sidelines of Manchester City FC matches for nearly eight years. The club’s photographer could easily be spotted by her unique headwear and hats, purposefully worn so players would know which camera to run toward while celebrating a goal. Continue reading “Former Manchester City Photographer Launches Selfie Guide App”

Psychological Benefits of Virtual Races

We all know someone who is an avid runner. They’re the friend or family member who sticks to a strict diet, training regimen, and schedule in preparation for their next race. He or she might not go out Friday night so they can wake up at 6 a.m. Saturday for a 10-mile run before the rest of the world rises from their hangovers and ventures off to brunch. Continue reading “Psychological Benefits of Virtual Races”

Louis Saha Has High Hopes for France at 2018 FIFA World Cup

There is no clear-cut favorite to win soccer’s ultimate prize ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The draw, which takes place Dec. 1, can certainly make the road to the final in Moscow harsher for one contending nation over another should they draw the “Group of Death”, for example. Or it can pave a favorable path for a Cinderella story to make a run. Continue reading “Louis Saha Has High Hopes for France at 2018 FIFA World Cup”

Manchester United Continues to Grow in Popularity in the United States

It was a typical late fall, early winter morning in New York City. The sun was masked by an endless blanket of gray clouds. A bone-chilling wind whipped through the streets. Whether the result of the night before, or of the current chilly conditions, not many people were out and about yet.

Continue reading “Manchester United Continues to Grow in Popularity in the United States”

An Inside Look at the Evolution of Competitive Eating

Takeru Kobayashi took the competitive eating circuit and world by storm when “the Tsunami” wolfed down a record 50 hot dogs (and buns), doubling the previous record, at the 2001 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4. Kobayashi set the record three times while winning the event, held in Coney Island, from 2001-06. Continue reading “An Inside Look at the Evolution of Competitive Eating”

Anyone Can Be a Pilot With New Drone Racing League Simulator

Players of video games including Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo Sport are able to live out their racing fantasies with some of the fastest and most powerful cars on some of the most breathtaking tracks and environments in the world. Continue reading “Anyone Can Be a Pilot With New Drone Racing League Simulator”

MLB Teams Yet to Win the World Series

The Houston Astros won their first World Series championship by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5–1 in Game 7 of the World Series on Nov. 1. It was the first World Series title for the Astros, a franchise in their 56th season. The list of teams without a World Series title has now dwindled to seven following Houston’s victory. Continue reading “MLB Teams Yet to Win the World Series”

New York City Marathon History

The New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world. First run in 1970, only 55 out of 127 entrants completed the race, which was held entirely in Central Park. The famed 26.2-mile race has evolved by leaps and bounds since, expanding into all five boroughs and growing in size to a record 51,388 finishers in 2016. Continue reading “New York City Marathon History”

Wilderness Survival Tips and Tricks

Picture this. You’re enjoying a typical day skiing or snowboarding. You’ve done it countless times before, but this time something happens. On what is planned to be your final run down the mountain you get disoriented. There’s a storm quickly approaching. You are now lost. Your cellphone isn’t picking up signal. What do you do?

Continue reading “Wilderness Survival Tips and Tricks”

Crossroads Field Hockey Club Trying to Bring Sport to Indiana

Audra Heilman noticed a trend when the Indiana University field hockey team traveled to play at schools including Rutgers University, Penn State University or University of Louisville. Continue reading “Crossroads Field Hockey Club Trying to Bring Sport to Indiana”

Moab, Utah, is the Ultimate Outdoor Adventurer’s Playground

A caravan of Jeeps cautiously works it way through the trails on Seven Mile Rim. A pair of little dots descend from high above: skydivers. Cross-chatter buzzes on walkie talkies. Rafts cruise down the nearby Colorado River. Hordes of hikers trek through Arches National Park to take in the breathtaking views and heights. Continue reading “Moab, Utah, is the Ultimate Outdoor Adventurer’s Playground”

Eric LeMarque’s Harrowing Survival Story Subject of ‘6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain’

Friday the 13th may be a superstitious day to most, filled with negative and eerie happenings. For Eric LeMarque, Friday the 13th was a day of salvation. A second chance. A light to guide him from the dark. Continue reading “Eric LeMarque’s Harrowing Survival Story Subject of ‘6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain’”

Moab Under Canvas Provides Ideal Glamping Experience in Desert

There’s no debate about it: Moab, Utah, is the mecca for outdoor activities. Surrounded by not one, but two national parks—Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park—the quaint town of less than 5,500 offers a bevy of nearby activities including four-wheeling, mountain biking, river rafting, hiking, BASE jumping and canyoneering. Continue reading “Moab Under Canvas Provides Ideal Glamping Experience in Desert”

NBA Requires Players to Stand for National Anthem

Professional athlete behavior deemed appropriate during the “The Star-Spangled Banner” is at the forefront of a heated debate involving civil rights, social injustices, patriotism, racial equality, and nationalism in the United States. The debate has heightened exponentially following a slew of recent comments by President Donald Trump, criticizing NFL players kneeling and protesting the national anthem. Continue reading “NBA Requires Players to Stand for National Anthem”

Why Bali is a Surfing Mecca

Muklis Anwar stood on a plot of grass and sand next to Tuti’s Warung on the cliffside overlooking Bingin Beach in Bali, Indonesia. A line of surfers was out in the distance taking turns dropping in on the short, perfect lefts. Anwar had just come in from his own session, cruising parallel to the shoreline with his unbuttoned maroon flowery shirt looking more like a superhero’s cape flapping in the wind than a rash guard. Continue reading “Why Bali is a Surfing Mecca”

Polo Misconceptions Debunked

Farmington Polo Club members Jennifer Williams and Patrick Marinelli were in New York City last week ahead of the Victory Cup Fall NYC Classic on Sept. 23. The pair, who have different sporting and polo backgrounds, talked about some common misconceptions when it comes to “The Sport of Kings”. Continue reading “Polo Misconceptions Debunked”

‘Battle of the Sexes’ is More Than a Tennis Movie

Bobby Riggs was on top of the tennis world during the 1930s and ’40s. As a 21-year-old amateur, Riggs won the 1939 Wimbledon triple crown (men’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles). He won the U.S. National Championships (now U.S. Open) later that year and was a finalist at the French Open. Continue reading “‘Battle of the Sexes’ is More Than a Tennis Movie”

Global Goals World Cup Uniting Women For Social Change & Sport

Dreary skies and driving rain — remnants of Hurricane Jose as it passed along the Northeast — certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the girls and women Tuesday evening inside the Brooklyn Expo Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Continue reading “Global Goals World Cup Uniting Women For Social Change & Sport”

Presidents Cup Participants Excited to Play in NYC Metro Area

The Presidents Cup, a match-play men’s golf event that pits a U.S. Team against an International Team (non-Europe), is coming to the New York City area later this month. The biennial competition is Sept. 26 to Oct. 1 at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, N.J. Continue reading “Presidents Cup Participants Excited to Play in NYC Metro Area”

Lengthy Injury Layoff Helped Sloane Stephens Appreciate Tennis More

Sloane Stephens was out of tennis for approximately 11 months because of a stress fracture in her left foot. While she was frustrated on the sideline, she was able to focus on her family, cheering at her little cousin’s soccer games, spending time with her grandmother who had recently suffered a stroke, and attending weddings and baby showers. Continue reading “Lengthy Injury Layoff Helped Sloane Stephens Appreciate Tennis More”

David Goffin Says U.S. Open is One of the Best Tournaments in World

Each tennis tournament, no matter where in the world, is unique. Belgian David Goffin is partial to Wimbledon in England and Roland-Garros in France because they’re European-based majors. Continue reading “David Goffin Says U.S. Open is One of the Best Tournaments in World”

UV Football Promotes Girls’ Confidence, Interest in Sport

There isn’t much accessorizing when it comes to playing soccer. Everyone wears the same jersey, shorts and socks. Players are limited to displaying their unique personalities through their cleats. Yet, girls who play in the UV League through the Stoke City Community Trust at Staffordshire University are given much more freedom — they can paint their faces, wear luminous headbands or wristbands and don glow-in-the-dark pinnies to stand out, especially when the lights go out. Continue reading “UV Football Promotes Girls’ Confidence, Interest in Sport”

Volcom Photographer, Videographer Explain Career Paths

Luke Forgay felt a buzz in his pocket while he was sitting in English class at Santiago Canyon College. He pulled out his iPhone to read the text message. Pro surfer Cameron Faris asked Forgay, a photographer, if he could come on a last-minute trip to Pascuales, Mexico, to shoot him and Frank Solomon. Continue reading “Volcom Photographer, Videographer Explain Career Paths”

ICEF Rugby Program Helping Inner City Students Learn, Grow

Rugby can trace its origins to the Rugby School in Warwickshire, England, in the 1820s. At the Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF) Public Schools in southern Los Angeles, those roots are found in a nearby parking lot adjacent to View Park Prep High School. Continue reading “ICEF Rugby Program Helping Inner City Students Learn, Grow”

NFL Player Says There’s More to Life Than Football Amid More CTE Concerns

New York Jets rookie safety Jamal Adams showcased his passion — and a bit of naivety — when speaking at a fan forum regarding chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head, that is currently plaguing the National Football League. Continue reading “NFL Player Says There’s More to Life Than Football Amid More CTE Concerns”