How The Players Championship Separates Itself From Another Stop on the PGA Tour

Rory McIlroy will be the first to admit he isn’t fond of The Players Championship being unofficially referred to as the fifth major.

“It doesn’t need to be,” McIlroy said. Continue reading “How The Players Championship Separates Itself From Another Stop on the PGA Tour”

Dick’s Sporting Goods Announces 2020 Women’s Initiative

Growing up, Jennie Finch was forced to wear baseball cleats as she rose to prominence as one of, if not the best fast-pitch softball player to ever play the game. It wasn’t only until after a record-setting career at the University of Arizona when Finch was able to partner with Mizuno to create a line specifically for girls and women in her sport. Continue reading “Dick’s Sporting Goods Announces 2020 Women’s Initiative”

XFL Makes its Return a Week After Super Bowl LIV

Two years since the revival of the XFL was announced, the reincarnated and redesigned professional football league officially kicks off with doubleheaders on Saturday, February 8 and Sunday, February 9, a week after Super Bowl LIV concluded the 2019/20 NFL season. Continue reading “XFL Makes its Return a Week After Super Bowl LIV”

Dayanny De La Cruz is the First Female Head Chef to Host a Super Bowl

Dayanny De La Cruz fondly remembers her routine on her way home from school growing up in Nagua, Dominican Republic, which involved frequent pit stops at her grandmother’s house. There, Elvira, affectionately known as “Mama Vira,” would be in the kitchen baking fresh bread or cooking up rice and beans. Continue reading “Dayanny De La Cruz is the First Female Head Chef to Host a Super Bowl”

Xenith Launches Shadow XR Helmet

There was a period of time from 2014-18 where Xenith didn’t launch a single product. The Detroit-based football helmet, gear and apparel company was going through a transitional gap that also included rigorous amounts of research, development and investment in future products. Continue reading “Xenith Launches Shadow XR Helmet”

Lowe’s Caps First Year as NFL Sponsor at Super Bowl LIV

Lowe’s director of sports marketing Adam Jacobs admits the home improvement brand isn’t endemic when it comes to the NFL. It’s not like the Gatorade players drink during timeouts, the Microsoft Surface tablets coaches consult on the sidelines, the Bose headphones they use to call plays or the Bud Light fans drink at home or in stadiums. Continue reading “Lowe’s Caps First Year as NFL Sponsor at Super Bowl LIV”

XFL Rules Announced For 2020 Season

A double-forward pass?! A three-point play?! A five-round overtime?!

These may sound like the exaggerated rules from the first incarnation of the XFL that were developed as more of a gimmick for entertainment value similar to the WWE, but they are integral parts of the recently announced rules for the new XFL set for its rebirth on February 8. Continue reading “XFL Rules Announced For 2020 Season”