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Kevin Garnett Launches Gaming Society to Educate, Empower Bettors

Parlay. Hedging. Lines. Over/under. ATS. Dog. Cover. Spread.

Betting terminology may seem confusing and intimidating to the casual sports fan looking to get a piece of the action on his or her favorite team as sports betting continues to grow throughout the United States, which is part of the reason why NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett and Players’ Tribune co-founder Jaymee Messler created gamification and content company Gaming Society.

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DraftKings Named Official Sports Betting Partner of DRL

Drone Racing League continues its ascension towards mainstream popularity thanks to its latest partnership with DraftKings.

Beginning today, bettors will be able to place real-time wagers before and during events as pilots maneuver custom-build racing drones at 90 mph via first-person view (FPV) through obstacle courses on both the DRL Simulator and in real life; the current season is virtual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Daily Fantasy Meets the Stock Market via Jock MKT

“Set it and forget it” was the frequently repeated tagline for the Ronco Rotisserie & BBQ oven; the rhyming catchphrase is arguably one of the most memorable infomercial taglines ever. A similar mentality is utilized in daily fantasy sports where users draft or select a lineup ahead of a day’s slate of action, set it, and sit back in the hopes that their selections heat up on the field, resulting in more money in their account.

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