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How Athletes Are Helping Rebuild Puerto Rico

Don Davey heard about it on TV. He read about it in the news. But it wasn’t until he was on the ground in Puerto Rico before he truly understood the magnitude of devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Continue reading “How Athletes Are Helping Rebuild Puerto Rico”

Cape Town Water Crisis Hits Home For This Athlete

The tap is turned on and water comes spraying out. The water is allowed to run until it becomes a tolerable temperature. Even still, there is no rush to step into the shower. Once inside, there is no time limit to cleanse oneself. Continue reading “Cape Town Water Crisis Hits Home For This Athlete”

Formula E is Steering the World Toward a Better, Greener Future

Viewers of Formula E tune in for a litany of reasons—they’re avid fans of motorsports, they follow a favorite driver or they want to see what new technology is being showcased by iconic brands such as Renault, Audi, or Jaguar. What they might not know, at least initially, is that there’s a message behind it all. Continue reading “Formula E is Steering the World Toward a Better, Greener Future”