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Kentucky Derby Facts & Figures

The Kentucky Derby is the first race in America’s Triple Crown of horse racing. The race, held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, has been run in May each year since 1875.

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White Turf Horse Races are Run on a Frozen Lake

Frozen lakes are utilized for sporting activities such as ice hockey, figure skating, ice fishing, and luge. But horse racing? Each year since 1907, jockeys and riders from around the world gather in St. Moritz, Switzerland, for the White Turf international horse races. Continue reading “White Turf Horse Races are Run on a Frozen Lake”

Chris Wingert’s grandfather was a Triple Crown-winning jockey

There is a video on YouTube vaguely entitled “Horse Race.”

It was uploaded three years ago and has a mere 119 views.

The 9:36 black-and-white video with scratchy sound has occasionally been viewed by New York City FC defender Chris Wingert. This video is highlights of the 1946 Triple Crown won by Wingert’s grandfather, Warren Mehrtens, while riding Assault.

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