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Chicago Fire FC Reinventing Identity With Help of Fans

On October 8, 1871, legend has it that a cow kicked over a lantern in a barn belonging to Patrick and Catherine O’Leary located at 137 DeKoven Street on the southwest side of Chicago.

Dry weather and an endless supply of wooden buildings provided the ideal fuel as the ensuing fire—whose true cause is still a mystery—spread throughout the Windy City. Over the course of two days, the conflagration turned thousands of buildings into ash and rubble, killed 300 people and led to an estimated $200 million in damages.

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Co.Protect Supplies Branded Facemasks to MLS, NBA and WNBA

Less than a month into the coronavirus pandemic, Tom and Melissa Penn were sitting at their kitchen table discussing a recent poll which revealed approximately 80% of those surveyed would feel uncomfortable attending a sporting event during the current climate.

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Brandt Bronico Shifts Attention From Wall St To Walt Disney World

Chicago Fire midfielder Brandt Bronico knows a thing or two about risk. He and teammate Jeremiah Gutjahr became more active investors while Major League Soccer was suspended for approximately three months during the coronavirus pandemic. The two roommates, who both majored in accounting in college, spent their soccer-less days improving their financial literacy and calculating speculation of certain companies and the market as a whole.

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Soccer’s Growth in U.S. Has Legends Excited

The popularity of soccer—both in participation and interest—is increasing in the United States. There’s no doubting that.

According to a 2018 Gallup poll, 7% of Americans cited soccer as their favorite sport to watch, while 9% preferred America’s pastime baseball. Not only is soccer growing as a whole in the United States, but Major League Soccer (MLS), the top domestic league, has experienced a 27% rise in interest since 2012, according to Nielsen Sports Sponsorlink. Continue reading “Soccer’s Growth in U.S. Has Legends Excited”

This Nike Designer Showcases Love of Portland Sports in Artwork

Drake Ramberg is Portland through and through. He was born in the city, went to college at Portland State University, is an avid fan of the local Timbers and Trail Blazers, and has worked at Nike—headquartered in nearby Beaverton, Ore.—since 1987.  Continue reading “This Nike Designer Showcases Love of Portland Sports in Artwork”

Why Attending a Portland Timbers Game is a Must

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How Alcoholism Nearly Wrecked Sebastian Velasquez’s Career

Sebastian Velasquez placed the ball on the white circle of painted Bermuda grass that had carefully been measured 12 yards from goal. Like a combatant preparing for a duel, he took his paces, briskly stepping back six times and slightly off to the right of the ball.

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