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Runstreet is Where Art and Athletics Collide

Marnie Kunz was told she was too quiet to be a cheerleader in middle school. She admits she was too uncoordinated for ball sports. Cross country piqued her interest, especially because there were no tryouts. So she signed up, laced up her sneakers, and began running. Continue reading “Runstreet is Where Art and Athletics Collide”


Female Skateboarders Balancing Out the Once Male-Dominated Sport

Tracey Barton-Herishen is standing underneath the Manhattan Bridge keeping a vigilant eye on her daughter. The sun is jostling for position among the ominous incoming clouds. It begins to drizzle.

Wearing a powder blue Diamond Supply Co. beanie and matching Converse hightop sneakers, Zoe Herishen, 9, is speeding around the Lower East Side Coleman Skatepark on her board. She rolls toward her mother, who hands her a pair of gloves. It’s getting colder by the minute. Zoe drops back into the concrete bowl.

“I wanted a ballerina, but I got a skateboarder,” Barton-Herishen says with a smile. Continue reading “Female Skateboarders Balancing Out the Once Male-Dominated Sport”