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How Alcoholism Nearly Wrecked Sebastian Velasquez’s Career

Sebastian Velasquez placed the ball on the white circle of painted Bermuda grass that had carefully been measured 12 yards from goal. Like a combatant preparing for a duel, he took his paces, briskly stepping back six times and slightly off to the right of the ball.

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New York City FC has roots with Real Salt Lake

Being a head coach of a professional franchise is a difficult and stressful task. Many believe they can do it, but only a few can handle it and even fewer can obtain success.

“Sometimes it can be a very lonely job,” New York City FC head coach Jason Kreis said. “Sometimes you feel the entire world is on your shoulders, so it’s always nice to have people you worked with in the past by your side.”

That’s why Kreis prioritized bringing a support system – both on the sideline and on the field – with him from Real Salt Lake to New York to help shoulder the burden.

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Jason Kreis’ recipe for success: hard work and determination

Jason Kreis grew up in Omaha, Neb., surrounded by soccer. He and his three siblings all played soccer and, in fact, most of the kids in his neighborhood played soccer.

“It seemed like a daily occurrence we were playing soccer in my backyard,” Kreis said. “We had a decent sized yard for some small-sided games. On one side we had two trees that were the right distance apart for a goal and on the other side we had a split-rail fence with two rails that were the right size for a goal. So we made goals in the backyard and played.”

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