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AVP Brings Beach Volleyball to NYC

With sand beneath her feet and volleyball in her hand, April Ross surveys the scene. While the two-time Olympic medalist is more focused on where to place her next serve, New York City’s skyline, including the massive One World Trade Center, dominates the landscape and the Hudson River complements it in this unique professional beach volleyball event. Continue reading “AVP Brings Beach Volleyball to NYC”

Ryan Doherty’s Journey from Baseball to Pro Volleyball

Ryan Doherty reaches into his pocket for his wallet and pulls out a business card. The red card has his name, an image of him shirtless on the beach with a volleyball, the text “Avatar’s Guide to Beach Volleyball available on the Kindle app now”, and three listed professions:

Pro beach volleyball player
Paid underwear model
Published author Continue reading “Ryan Doherty’s Journey from Baseball to Pro Volleyball”