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How Dr. David Chao Became @ProFootballDoc

Dr. David Chao remembers sitting on his couch watching football with his family one of the first times after spending 17 seasons as San Diego Chargers team doctor. Continue reading “How Dr. David Chao Became @ProFootballDoc”

Kevin Ollie’s Mission To Spread Holistic Healthcare

Kevin Ollie played point guard in the NBA for 13 seasons for a dozen teams between 1997-2010, most notably three stints with the Philadelphia 76ers. Continue reading “Kevin Ollie’s Mission To Spread Holistic Healthcare”

Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks To Represent Team USA at 2020 Olympics

Carissa Moore arrived on the World Surf League Championship Tour in 2010. The 27-year-old has seen the WSL and sport radically transform over the past decade, and she hopes that will continue as surfing makes its debut on the world’s biggest stage next summer at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Continue reading “Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks To Represent Team USA at 2020 Olympics”

The Rise of ‘The ThomaHawk Show’

Joe Thomas didn’t mince his words about his initial impression of Andrew Hawkins. Thomas was a Pro Bowl stalwart with the Cleveland Browns, playing 10,363 consecutive snaps on the offensive line from 2007-17. Hawkins, a wide receiver, had just signed a four-year, $13.6 million contract with the organization in 2014 after three seasons with in-state rivals Cincinnati Bengals. Continue reading “The Rise of ‘The ThomaHawk Show’”

Hard Rock Stadium Eliminating 99.4% of Single-Use Plastics By 2020

Tom Garfinkel remembers sitting in awe and disbelief as he watched the 60 Minutes special on plastic pollution. The vice chairman, president and CEO of the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium was taken aback by the seemingly endless amount of plastic floating in the oceans, congregating at the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Continue reading “Hard Rock Stadium Eliminating 99.4% of Single-Use Plastics By 2020”

Ashima Shiraishi is More Than Just a Rock Climber

Ashima Shiraishi has been described as a “climbing prodigy,” a “bouldering phenom,” and the “Gretzky of granite.”

While the 2020 Olympic rock climbing hopeful has risen to prominence in the sport, Shiraishi doesn’t want to be defined solely by her ability to seamlessly maneuver up and down rocks and walls. Continue reading “Ashima Shiraishi is More Than Just a Rock Climber”