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Why Egyptians Reign Supreme on the Squash Scene

Picture being 13 years old and learning the ins and outs of a sport like basketball. Now, imagine honing your craft against some of the country’s best: LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant. Continue reading “Why Egyptians Reign Supreme on the Squash Scene”


Snow Volleyball at the Winter Olympics? Maybe

Volleyball is vying to become the first sport played at both the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics. Continue reading “Snow Volleyball at the Winter Olympics? Maybe”

Squash’s Continued Struggle for Olympic Inclusion

Olivia Blatchford is ready to play hard to get. The American professional squash player is tired of the sport presenting itself and begging the International Olympic Committee to include it in the quadrennial Games. Continue reading “Squash’s Continued Struggle for Olympic Inclusion”

Formula E is Steering the World Toward a Better, Greener Future

Viewers of Formula E tune in for a litany of reasons—they’re avid fans of motorsports, they follow a favorite driver or they want to see what new technology is being showcased by iconic brands such as Renault, Audi, or Jaguar. What they might not know, at least initially, is that there’s a message behind it all. Continue reading “Formula E is Steering the World Toward a Better, Greener Future”

Grand Central Station Provides Unique Venue for Squash Tournament

Walking through Grand Central Station in New York City can elicit a variety of views, from people rushing toward their trains to tourists snapping selfies among the breathtaking Beaux-Arts architecture. Continue reading “Grand Central Station Provides Unique Venue for Squash Tournament”