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Draymond Green Poised For a Big Payday as SmileDirectClub Goes Public

Draymond Green has every reason to smile. Not only did the Golden State Warriors power forward sign a four-year, $100 million max extension with the team on August 3, but Green is also showing off his pearly whites—compliments of SmileDirectClub—as the at-home orthodontics service began trading publicly on September 12. Continue reading “Draymond Green Poised For a Big Payday as SmileDirectClub Goes Public”


Inside Winner Circle Athletics

Jordan Campbell grew up in a very poor area in Rubidoux, Calif. He witnessed many of his friends get involved with drugs and gangs.

Afraid Jordan would fall victim to a similar fate, Colleen and Titus Campbell uprooted their family from that environment and moved to nearby Norco. Continue reading “Inside Winner Circle Athletics”

Grown Restaurants Offer Healthier Fast Food Alternative

Shannon Allen, who was pregnant with her fourth child, was on her way to the grocery with the rest of her kids in tow. It was 2008, and her husband, two-time NBA champion and 10-time NBA all-star Ray Allen, was out of town on a long road trip. Continue reading “Grown Restaurants Offer Healthier Fast Food Alternative”

Wheelchair Basketball Gives This New Yorker Strength to Push Forward

Christopher Saint-Remy has faced his fair share of adversity and then some at just 28 years old. He was born without a fully formed right leg and has worn a prosthetic his entire life. Saint-Remy also suffers from prune-belly syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the partial or complete absence of abdominal muscles. On top of all of that, his mother and main caregiver, Gina Saint-Remy Cyriaque, passed away from colon cancer in 2009. Continue reading “Wheelchair Basketball Gives This New Yorker Strength to Push Forward”

NBA Requires Players to Stand for National Anthem

Professional athlete behavior deemed appropriate during the “The Star-Spangled Banner” is at the forefront of a heated debate involving civil rights, social injustices, patriotism, racial equality, and nationalism in the United States. The debate has heightened exponentially following a slew of recent comments by President Donald Trump, criticizing NFL players kneeling and protesting the national anthem. Continue reading “NBA Requires Players to Stand for National Anthem”