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LaLiga Launching Series Catered Toward American Audience

When LaLiga and Relevent Sports Group announced a 15-year equal joint venture to promote soccer in the United States and Canada in August 2018, much of the attention surrounded the partners’ plans to bring a LaLiga match to the U.S. Continue reading “LaLiga Launching Series Catered Toward American Audience”

How FC Barcelona is Conquering the U.S. Market

The initial priority for FC Barcelona’s office in New York City, which opened in September 2016, was business development. Since then, the club has also utilized its on-the-ground presence to further the FC Barcelona brand through its foundation, academies and camps, commercial partnerships and more. Continue reading “How FC Barcelona is Conquering the U.S. Market”

Bayern Munich’s Expansion in the United States

FC Bayern Munich, one of the world’s most successful soccer clubs, opened its first international office in 2014 in New York City. The move was intended to build an on-the-ground presence for Bayern Munich, helping bridge the gap between the United States and Germany. Continue reading “Bayern Munich’s Expansion in the United States”