Cresta Run in Switzerland Still Bans Women Riders

The Cresta Run in St. Moritz, Switzerland, is unique for a variety of reasons. Although the naturally made toboggan run that was first started in January 1885 and is the birthplace of the head-first riding position has one head-scratching mark: women have been banned from riding the Run since 1929.

According to the Cresta Run’s website: “Women rode the Cresta until the decision was taken by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting in 1929 to ban them from riding, for reasons that are not clear. The Membership has not sought to change this policy.”

A Mrs. J.M. Baguley was the last woman to ride the Cresta in a race on January 13, 1925. Women rode in practice after that date, but were banned from riding on January 6, 1929. Yet, there has been no initiative to alter the ruling since.

“The SMTC (St. Mortiz Tobogganing Club) is a private club and decisions on policy are taken by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting,” membership secretary Harriet Brabazon said in an email. “The Membership has not sought to change the directive on women riding since the original decision was taken. We hold an annual Ladies Race for lady Members, and wives, daughters and long-term partners of Members.”

The Cresta Run, which opens before Christmas each year and runs until the end of February/early March, hosts 30 annual races for its members. Riding occurs on a daily basis except on Christmas.

NOTE: This first appeared on Culture Trip


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