Jay Glazer and GNC Release Co-Branded Supplement Line

Jay Glazer can be seen on Fox NFL Sunday and Fox Football Thursday breaking news and providing last-minute injury updates as the network’s NFL Insider. He is also seen on Paramount Network as host for Bellator’s signature MMA fights. He can also be seen in movies like The Longest Yard and The Game Plan, and on TV shows including Ballers and The League.

But what can’t be seen is the constant battle going on inside his head.

“I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life—I was born that way,” Glazer said. “I live in the gray and it sucks. The two things that help me see a sliver of blue is having a team and being of service to other people.”

Growing up, Glazer sought solace and peace working out and fighting in the ring, whether it was boxing or mixed martial arts. He utilizes those same means today—even if that means shadowboxing in hotel rooms while on the road—to not only help himself, but others as well. Glazer co-owns Unbreakable Performance Center in West Hollywood, California, where he trains NFL players and MMA fighters; the facility also serves as a safe space to bolster camaraderie and support for both football players and military veterans via his charity Merging Vets & Players (MVP).

To help further that support of athletes, vets and the average Joe, Glazer and GNC released a co-branded supplement line: Unbreakable Performance Fueled by GNC.

“When I was little Jay and he could have a dream come true eventually that he would be a spokesman for his own line, I don’t think I could come up with anything better than GNC,” Glazer said. “It’s the first store I ever walked into and paid for something out of my own pocket. Here I am now going to have my line with a group of people who deserve to get some attention also.”

The line of clean supplements certified “Banned Substance Free” by Informed Choice includes whey protein (25g), whey isolate (25g), pre-workout, aminos (8g), and protein shakes (20g). Available today in GNC stores and online, a portion of the proceeds will go towards MVP with a commitment from GNC to match contributions up to $100,000 during December.

Joining Glazer as brand representatives in in-store and digital content and advertising are those closest to him.

Kirstie Ennis is a retired Marine door gunner who had her left leg amputated as a result of injuries sustained when her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. MVP co-founder Nate Boyer is a retired Green Beret who walked on at the University of Texas without ever playing a down of football then played in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. Tonya Oxendine served in the U.S. Army for nearly 30 years, achieving the highest enlisted rank of Command Sergeant Major. JC Glick served in more than 1,000 combat missions with the U.S. Army Rangers.

“All four people you’ll see in stores with me have all been shot at, gotten blown up, and have put their lives on the line for all of us, then come back here and not gotten the credit they deserve, so we’re going to give them the credit they deserve,” Glazer said. “You’re going to walk in and be proud that this line stands for something else.”

GNC and Glazer first announced their partnership in January and have spent most of 2020 adjusting and pivoting amid the coronavirus pandemic. The product line was originally supposed to launch in April, which got pushed to July and again to October.

But the pandemic actually served as another instance where being “unbreakable” served as a rallying cry for Glazer and Co.

“As with so many things this year, initially the product production was delayed due to COVID, but it also ignited our passion and dedication to get it in the hands of consumers as quickly as we could,” said Ryan Ostrom, Chief Brand Officer of GNC Holdings Inc. “We know the holidays are a critical time for the military community and always believed heading into the new year was the right time to launch this brand.”

For Glazer, the co-branded product line with GNC isn’t just a dream come true, it’s also another extension of his mission to raise awareness for the mental health issues plaguing the country, especially among veterans.

Approximately 18 U.S. veterans die by suicide each day, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 2020 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report.

“The more attention we get out there, the more we’ll be able to change the narrative,” Glazer said. “It’s our veterans who are going to help change the narrative for this whole country when it comes to suicide rate and mental health. I’m really proud of what this brand represents.

“Unbreakable is a mindset. We got your back. You’re not alone. Everybody out there who thinks they’re alone, you’re not alone. We want to shine a light on people’s stories and people who think that originally something that may damage them or keep them down, we want to celebrate them and we want to show people it’s OK to not be OK all the time. We’re going to lead the way for the ‘unperfect people,’ if you will, those of us who all too often feel broken. As we have a team and grow this team together, we have your back.”

NOTE: First appeared on Forbes SportsMoney

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