Rob Gronkowski, Gronk Nation Partner With Stadium Blitz

The Gronkowski brothers are as competitive as they are close. Known collectively as Gronk Nation, Gordie Jr., Dan, Chris, Rob and Glenn, have teamed up together for numerous business ventures and partnerships including Gronk Fitness, Ice Shaker, Gronk Bus and CBDMEDIC.

Recently, the Gronkowskis have partnered with Stadium Blitz to create a series of obstacle course-based races designed for families with varying degrees of difficulty. The fun and empowering races are available to participants of any skill/fitness level age 7 and up.

“It’s a big family event that anyone can all meet up at and do obstacles together while challenging each other physically and mentally,” Dan Gronkowski said. “Stadium Blitz brings the whole family camaraderie about. That’s what it’s all about.”

Stadium Blitz is a unique obstacle course-based event where participants can choose their own adventure depending on how hard they want to be tested without the intimidation or threat of punishment. Each event will take place at a premier collegiate or professional sports stadium, creating a gameday-like experience for participants and fans alike.

Currently, there are two events scheduled: October 12 at New Era Field in Buffalo, New York, and October 26 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

According to Dann LG, Stadium Blitz vice president and Complex Sports and Entertainment event and operations director, the inaugural Stadium Blitz calendar is expected to be comprised of 8-10 races from late January until mid-June.

“In the obstacle course racing world while it’s challenge-based, there’s an intimidation factor,” Dann LG said. “We wanted to make it strategy-based and acceptable for people who may be intimidated by the challenges. Our goal is anyone who wants to race to come out and compete and challenge themselves at the level they feel comfortable.”

Working individually or as a team, participants can choose their own race path, bypassing any obstacles to improve their time or challenging themselves against an obstacle—the bigger the obstacle, the bigger the point potential—in an effort to increase their score. Racers are awarded 2,000 points for crossing the finish line in under 40 minutes with every second under that mark resulting in additional points.

No matter what path is chosen, participants, who won’t be penalized one way or the other, will be cheered on by family and friends sitting in the seats of these stadiums and venues as they would on a Saturday or Sunday rooting for their favorite college or professional team.

“Anyone can do this at any level,” Gronkowski said. “The atmosphere is going to be a lot different than most obstacle course-based races, a lot looser. We’re having a Blitz Zone where you can get drinks after. We’re always going to be at a bar or restaurant for an afterparty, too.

“There’s a lot of fun tied to it. Stadium Blitz is challenging but fun as well.”

NOTE: First appeared on Forbes SportsMoney


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