Los Angeles Chargers Unveil Chargers LUX for Suite Owners

The Los Angeles Chargers move into the new state-of-the-art Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park beginning with the 2020 NFL season. While fans anxiously await the Chargers’ new residence after relocating from San Diego two years ago, suite owners will be extra excited and incentivized as the organization debuts Chargers LUX to coincide with the venue’s debut.

Chargers LUX is a premium membership program that connects suite owners to the Los Angeles lifestyle through exclusive access to high-end hospitality, business and entertainment benefits year round at no additional cost.

“The Chargers are an organization that is committed to delivering the best experience to the L.A. Chargers family and that extends beyond game day,” said A.G. Spanos, Chargers president of business operations. “The experience for our suite holders is going to be unparalleled and we want that to continue year round outside of game day, which is why we created Chargers LUX.”

Membership includes access to Spring Place, Chargers LUX concierge service provided by Velocity and The Private Suite terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Located in Beverly Hills, Spring Place is a workspace and private membership club for the city’s visionaries and entrepreneurs to work, socialize and relax; resident membership is $1,250 per month. Velocity provides a custom concierge service for the Chargers for high-end experiences, travel, dining and accommodation; its service guarantees a response within one minute. Membership fees to their invite-only consumer service cost $2,800 per year. The Private Suite at LAX is a new gate into LAX where members pay up to $4,500 annually to benefit from expedited security, await their departure in comfort and style in personal suites, and are driven directly to their aircraft when it’s time to take off.

Customers want more than just a seat,” said Steven Ziff, Chargers chief marketing officer. “We really needed to extend the value to something that’s never been offered.”

“People nowadays want more for their money; they want more value and they expect it,” Spanos added. “L.A. is such a competitive marketplace, so we knew we had to be innovative and we believe this program is really first in class and unparalleled. The companies we chose to partner with are the best in class of L.A.”

Currently only available to 2020 suite owners, who are paying between $97,000 to $200,000 for their suite, Chargers LUX will eventually feature a tiered system as it expands to include the rest of the team’s fan base, including club suites and other premium properties while incorporating various other partners accordingly.

“We strongly believe in the concept of membership and allowing our fans to get 365-day benefits beyond that seat on game day,” Ziff said. “We really want that relationship with those fans to be an annual one, knowing we’re going to create wonderful events and experiences along the way while adding benefits into those memberships as well.”

Inspired by the benefits and perks of the invitation-only American Express Centurion Black Card, Spanos and Ziff believe Chargers LUX will be a game changer in the sports and hospitality industry.

“It applies pressure to other teams in every market to really ramp up the way they look at their customers and really cater a more customized and tailored approach from their partners to season ticket holders,” Ziff said. “Every customer deserves a personalized journey and experience from their club.

“We’re trying to set a high bar for ourselves to make sure we treat our customers the way they’re meant to be treated, which is the best.”

NOTE: First appeared on Forbes SportsMoney

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